3 Lesser Known Effects of a Dirty Duct System

Posted by Lisa Pixley

People with severe allergies have to take extra precautions when it comes to running an air conditioner or heater. Since an HVAC system sucks in air from the home and forces it back out through the vents, households that include allergy sufferers might be more diligent about changing the air filter, purchasing additional filtration systems, and even cleaning the duct system.

Professional duct cleaning service is often recommended to people with allergies or asthma every few years or so. But did you know that dirty ducts can have additional consequences for your home?

You could pay more each month

The dirt inside of the ducts can build up until it forms a thick layer that actually reduces the volume inside of the ducts. This reduction in duct size, along with the friction the dust creates for the air, means that your air conditioner (or heater) might work less efficiently as air takes longer to get to the rooms of your home. You pay more for heating and cooling, and the dust in your ducts may reduce your air quality too.

Your air conditioner/heater could break

The friction in the ductwork makes it more difficult for your system to run smoothly. All of the extra work that your system takes on could eventually force it to become overworked. Cleaning the air ducts every few years or so may be an important step in maintaining the condition of your HVAC investment.

You might get sick

Many people associate dust and dirt in an HVAC system with allergies and asthma. But there are additional contaminants, like bacteria and mold spores, that could actually make you sick, regardless of whether or not a preexisting condition affects your health. Many people notice that illnesses are reduced for the year after duct cleaning service, as long as professionals perform the work.

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