Fire Restoration Services in Duluth

Posted by Lisa Pixley

A house fire is a devastating event for any family, and it leaves behind not only physical scars on property, but emotional ones as well. Although there’s very little that can be done about the traumatic effect a house fire has on people, there is plenty that can be done to restore and remedy the physical damage. With proper fire restoration services, you can have the important ventilation system of your home repaired, cleaned, and restored to its former condition.

Don’t wait for the clean-up process to begin before contacting a professional fire restoration service. Contact Alpha Air Corporation right away for quality air duct cleaning in Duluth, MN, and we’ll start to work making your life in the wake of the fire much easier.

Why You Need Fire Restoration for Your Ventilation

First, restoration may be insurance-mandated. Your fire coverage might require that you use a professional restoration contractor to clean up the fire damage.

Second, professional restoration will keep you safe from additional damage. A home with fire damage requires delicate work to avoid creating further collapse. Restoration experts are familiar with how to avoid causing more injury as they do their job.

Third, you need to have the most thorough cleansing of your ducts possible, or else you will continue to circulate toxic debris from the fire through your home after you move back in. Regular duct cleaning cannot eliminate the residue that a fire will leave behind; it requires restorationists.

What Happens in Fire Restoration for Ventilation Systems

Fire restoration experts use special cleaners to remove the damage that fire inflicts on a ventilation system. They remove soot and smoke deposits, a job that requires a great deal of technical knowledge because there are different types of fire damage and each needs a different approach to properly clean it. Wet residue is the most difficult to remove, while the powder left over from dry residue is much simpler. Protein residue is harder to detect, but restoration experts will focus on locating and cleaning it.

The professionals will use special cleaning and sanitizing agents on the ducts that won’t leave behind any toxic chemicals and which will eliminate odors.

Call Alpha Air Corporation for Fire Restoration

We do sincerely hope that you will never need to call us for fire restoration in Duluth, MN. However, know that we are here when you need us, and will make a commitment to providing you high quality service that will make this time less stressful for you. Before you make any other plans after the fire, call Alpha Air Corporation.

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