3 Ways Commercial Duct Cleaning Improves Your Bottom Line

Posted by Lisa Pixley

When you examine the expenses for your business to determine areas where you can reduce spending and improve the bottom line, “duct cleaning” might not be an additional expense you want to add. We understand why you might think this: ducts are usually an “out of sight, out of mind” part of a workplace, and people rarely give them much consideration.

However, your bottom line can improve with the addition of regular duct cleaning. We’ll show you three ways that investing in cleaning from commercial duct cleaning specialists can save you money.

And who can you call for quality commercial duct cleaning in Minneapolis, MN? We humbly suggest Alpha Air Corporation. We specialize in commercial ductwork and have NADCA-certified technicians on staff to make sure you receive the most thorough cleaning available and receive the benefits below.

Ways duct cleaning will save money

  • Less strain on your HVAC system: Minneapolis has extremely cold winters and warm summers; your HVAC system will probably stay on most of the year, and you’ll see it as a major expense on your budget. If the ducts are dirty, it will impair the flow of air through the ducts with a heavy coast of dust, and this will put strain on the system to make it work harder. And that means… higher bills. Duct cleaning will give your HVAC system the easiest airflow possible.
  • Fewer repairs for your HVAC system: Since commercial HVAC systems see heavy use, they often require repairs to restore them. Many of these repairs are avoidable with duct cleaning. A dirt contamination in the ducts will quickly lead to dirt infiltrating the cabinets of your heater/air conditioner, and this significantly increases the chance of damage that will lead to repairs.
  • Happier employees and customers: A cleaner workplace means more productive employees. A better business environment means happier customers. You can encounter problems with this if you have dirty ducts, because it will make work environment dirtier, plus it can create health problems: asthma, skin and eye irritation, coughing, dizziness… all of which will seriously impair attention and lower worker effectiveness. Duct cleaning will help give you the productive and profitable ideal workspace you need.

When should you schedule duct cleaning?

If more than a year has passed since you last had duct cleaning for your business, that’s more than enough time for dust and other contamination to build-up and create problems. Businesses should have yearly duct cleaning for the best results. Schedule your duct cleaning today and make it part of your calendar each year.

Call Alpha Air Corporation and talk to our Minneapolis, MN duct cleaning specialists. You can learn more about how your bottom line will benefit from our commercial duct cleaning services.

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