Purpose of Air Filters in Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Your heating air conditioning (or HVAC) system is a complicated piece of equipment, requiring a number of different components to function in sync. When something goes wrong, it can sometimes shut down the entire system, but more often, the issue can simply linger and leach efficiency out of your system. The longer it goes, the more it costs you in higher monthly bills and the more damage it can cause to your components. A more serious breakdown rarely arrives overnight. It builds up over time. That’s the purpose of air filters in your heating and air conditioning system. In towns with wide temperature fluctuations like Maple Grove, MN, filter change out is very important. Why? Read on for the answers.

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The air filter removes dust and debris from the equation. As air passes through the filter, contaminants get trapped by it and thus fail to move into the HVAC system itself. Basic filters do a good job with larger particles, while electromagnetic filters can remove all but the tiniest pieces of dust and debris. Basic filters need to be changed out every few months in order to stay efficient, while higher-end filters require maintenance a repair periodically just like the other components in your system.

Either way, filters keep dirt out of the system, which is a vital purpose. A cleaner HVAC system means less friction on individual components, reducing stress on them and helping them last longer. It also means that dirt won’t clog burners or build up in larger amounts to reduce air flow. Nor will it get passed through the ducts in your system to reduce air quality throughout your house.

The purpose of air filters in your heating and air conditioning system won’t mean much without regular maintenance from a qualified professional. You need to replace the filters often, but you also need to conduct other bits of routine “sprucing up” to ensure that the unit functions as normal. In Maple Grove, MN, filter change-out and maintenance services are all the more important in light of our muggy summers and cold winters. Fortunately, Alpha Air Corporation offers HVAC service plans to keep your system running in top condition. Give us a call to sign up today.

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