Air Duct Cleaning Could Be the Answer to Your Indoor Air Quality Troubles

Posted by Lisa Pixley

If you’ve been searching for the solution to your biggest indoor air quality troubles, your local air duct experts might have it. Though we may not be able to get rid of all of the particles causing you trouble, a great number of them linger in the ducts.

The air ducts contain air that has been sucked in from around the space in your home. This means that any irritants or pollutants in the air tend to come with it. Air filters don’t always stop these particles from getting through. And only professional duct cleaners can remove buildup from the ducts safely and responsibly.

Pet Allergies

If you’ve got pet allergies, it’s a good idea to schedule air duct cleaning even if you don’t have pets. Your air ducts may be home to the fur and pet dander of the previous homeowner’s dog or cat as well!

And if you have pets of your own, you may try to ease your symptoms with a daily allergy pill or monthly shots at the doctor’s office. But when you get rid of the allergens in the ductwork, you might notice your symptoms easing up a bit even without the medicinal boost.

Mold and Mildew

The ducts are dark and often moist—the type of environment you often expect mold to thrive in. And you’d be right! We often find mold within the ducts, and our remediation specialists are able to take care of it, which helps with allergies and asthma symptoms, and which may reduce the occurrence of illness. And a quality technician will help you to get rid of the mold problem and prevent mold from coming back in the future.

Lingering Odors

Yes, air duct cleaning may even help to get rid of lingering odors from pets or cooking—those that seem to come back strong whenever you turn on the AC or heater. This is an indoor air quality issue many of us can identify with, and our technicians can help.

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