Air Duct Cleaning Can Improve Air Quality…and More!

Posted by Lisa Pixley

You’re sick of your allergies acting up in your own home, even as you run the air conditioner and air passes through a filter. Contaminants can linger in the air ducts and force their way out into the air you breathe no matter how powerful your filter may be. Professional air duct cleaning is one of the best ways to combat this particular issue.

You may be able to guess that better air quality is one potential outcome of an air duct cleaning job done properly. You might not realize that there are other benefits for an HVAC system as well!

Better Heating and Cooling

Too much dust and debris inside of the ducts can lead to friction as air moves through the ducts on its way to your home. That slows down the airflow, taking longer for air and heat to reach the space in your home. After air duct cleaning, you might be able to feel more comfortable faster, especially if there was any major blockage in the ducts.

Lower Bills

When air takes longer to reach your home, your bills may go up since the air conditioner/heater is running for longer. Air duct cleaning clears airflow obstructions which can also help to lower your heating and cooling costs—which are often the largest portion of your energy bills.

Fewer HVAC System Issues

An HVAC system that’s struggling to cool or heat a home (due to friction from dust in the ducts, in this case) may develop problems over time. It was designed for a certain airflow output, but any source of trouble can interfere to the point that the components of your AC get overworked and wear down quickly. Dirty ducts could speed up the lifespan of your comfort system, but air duct cleaning may help ease the work.

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