How to Reduce Allergy Symptoms Indoors

Posted by Lisa Pixley

When your allergy symptoms are out of control, you might find yourself running to the pharmacy often for costly antihistamines and decongestants. It’s particularly annoying when it seems like, even with all of these different medications, your allergies are the worse when you’re inside of your own home!

Poor indoor air quality is a major trigger for people with severe allergies, but there’s plenty you can do to try to ease your symptoms. Check out a few of our favorite tips below.

Do Whatever You Can to Keep Outdoor Allergens Out

This means keeping your house as clean as possible, something most homeowners try to do. However, your normal cleaning routine might not be enough. Often, you have to make some minor changes to the rules of your household in order to make sure your worst outdoor allergens (like pollen) stay out.

  • Set out rugs at entry ways and make sure that everyone in the home knows how important it is to wipe their feet and to take off outerwear if they’ve been doing outdoor activities all day.
  • Clean spills up immediately after they happen. In particular, make sure any moisture in the carpet is fully cleaned and dried to prevent mold development.
  • Vacuum carpet and upholstered furniture weekly. But keep in mind that vacuuming kicks up dust. Move slowly, starting at the outer edges of the carpet and moving in, and make sure that you’re working with a good brand.

Change the Quality of the Air from Your HVAC System

The indoor air quality is a lot worse when your air conditioner and heater continues to circulate particles, forcing them out into the air so they move around rapidly and invade your living space. Here’s what you can do to help.

  • Change your air filter regularly. If symptoms are severe, consider an additional indoor air quality system.
  • Have the HVAC system inspected for mold, something that can develop easily if the air conditioning system is not well-maintained.
  • Schedule air duct cleaning with qualified NADCA certified cleaners to get allergens out of the air  ducts and reduce the chances of them moving into the air you breathe.

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