Why It’s Important to Schedule HVAC Decontamination

Posted by Lisa Pixley

The HVAC system in a home or business will begin to collect dust, dirt, and other contaminants—including possibly mold and illness-causing microorganisms—over time. Eventually, the system will require a thorough decontamination to remove these pollutants from the ductwork and air handler. This decontamination will not only protect the HVAC system from inefficient operation and repair issues, but it will also benefit your indoor air quality.

A full HVAC system decontamination in Minneapolis, MN goes beyond basic duct cleaning, and for this job you need trained specialists. Alpha Air Corporation has a staff of NADCA-certified technicians with the best equipment available for the HVAC decontamination that will protect your home or business from poor quality air and an inefficient heating and air conditioning system.

Why HVAC decontamination is important

It’s impossible to avoid the intrusion of some levels of contamination into the ductwork of a home or business, and given enough time, this dust, dirt, and other debris will accumulate to the point that it will affect airflow through the ducts. This places unnecessary strain on the heating and air conditioning system. Debris that enters the cabinets of the heater or AC can also inflict damage that will require repairs. A full cleaning of the ducts, vents, and air handler will eliminate these detriments to efficiency and system operation.

Another reason you should schedule HVAC decontamination is that the pollutants which gather inside the ducts and the air handler of the system will enter the air of the building and the lungs of the people in it. This leads to discomfort and health problems, and it is especially worrying for people who have asthma and allergies. A decontamination of the HVAC system goes further than standard duct cleaning to sanitize the ductwork and the heater and air conditioner so they do not contribute to lowering indoor air quality. During decontamination, technicians clean the air handlers, register vents, bathroom exhausts (a common source for mold), and the exhaust vents in a business that release harmful fumes and chemicals.

Alpha Air Corporation uses special robotic cameras to inspect ductwork when we start on a HVAC decontamination job. We use the data from the cameras to plan out the sort of duct cleaning necessary, as well as any spots that require duct sealing. We also use an EPA-registered sanitizing agent (Category III) to decontaminate the HVAC system without leaving behind chemical residue that can affect health within living- or work-spaces.

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