How Robotic Camera Inspection Benefits Your HVAC System

Posted by Lisa Pixley

If your HVAC system does not seem to be running as efficiently as it could, it may be because of your ductwork. Many homeowners in the U.S. spend more than they need to on air conditioning and heating every month because their ductwork is not properly sealed. Ducts may leak due to holes or cracks or if a duct has collapsed. Because there may be so many different kinds of problems with the ducts, technicians want to have a good idea of the problem before they attempt any repairs on your system. This is why some specialists rely on robotic camera inspection to ensure that your forced-air HVAC system runs as efficiently as it should.

Ductwork may collapse because of faulty joints in metal ductwork, but the structure of soft flexible ductwork is also very prone to collapsing and kinks. In fact, the majority of forced air systems have some sort of problem with leaks, leading to increased energy costs of up to 30%. As conditioned air moves out of your ducts, it takes your HVAC system longer to cool or heat your home, drastically reducing efficiency. This means you pay more to cool or heat an unused space, such as the attic or crawlspace. With robotic camera inspection, a technician can see which areas of your ducts may be the most damaged, so they can tackle problem areas first and foremost.

When professionals use robotic cameras to inspect your HVAC system, they can also take before and after pictures so that you can see the difference from before you schedule service. Taking the time to show you the condition of your ducts and ensure that any issues are taken care of is the sign of a contractor who cares about quality service and helping you save money month after month.

At Alpha Air Corporation, we’ll use a robotic camera to thoroughly inspect your HVAC system and check for leaky ductwork, collapsed ducts and even excessive dust and debris.  Schedule commercial HVAC system inspection in St. Cloud with one of our experts today!

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