Why Is there Moisture in My HVAC System?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

A heating and cooling system is supposed to make your property more comfortable. So when you find out that moisture from your air conditioner or heating system is a source of mold in your HVAC system, you might feel betrayed. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent mold from becoming an issue in your ducts or from developing on your heating and air conditioning equipment and spreading to the rooms of your home. Learn more about controlling sources of moisture from a local mold remediation expert, and find out about a few common sources of moisture in an HVAC system below.

Problems with the Condensate Drain

Your air conditioning system or heat pump contains a coil that cools down immensely as refrigerant moves through it, evaporates, and absorbs hear from the air. As warm, humid air moves over it, the coil collects moisture outside of it, and this should drain into a pan with a drainpipe connected that leads outside of your building. Improper positioning of the drain pan or blockages in the drain pipe may force water to back up into the HVAC system or to flood into your home, and the moist environment is perfect for mold to grow.

Lack of Maintenance

Proper maintenance of an air duct and HVAC system includes several steps that can prevent mold growth. A technician may clean out the condensate drain, check flue pipes and heat exchanger, check for duct leaks or poor ventilation, and make sure there is no visible water damage, all of which can help to minimize the potential for mold to spread within your ducts or along the components of your AC and heating systems. Schedule annual HVAC system inspections with a qualified specialist.


Properly installed and controlled, a humidification system should not lead to mold growing in the ducts. However, many homeowners leave the humidifiers on for too long, leading to moisture issues within the ductwork. And in some homes, especially those with fiber duct board, the ducts may actually require replacement once the mold begins to spread.

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