Buying a Home? Clean Out the Ducts!

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Moving into a new home involves a lot of surprises, and some are more welcome than others. You may be surprised to find your favorite flower growing in the garden, or you may be surprised to find a valuable you thought you’d lost long ago while unpacking boxes.

But one surprise you don’t want is to learn that the indoor air quality in your new home is making your family members sick. Cleaning out the ducts every 3-5 years can be a big help to those with allergies, asthma and other preexisting illnesses, but there is no guarantee that the previous homeowner ever scheduled service.

What’s Wrong with My Ducts?

Schedule duct cleaning early on in your homeownership so that you are not surprised by any large debris in the air ducts. Your ductwork could be home to a large buildup of dust, animal droppings, or even, unfortunately, some tiny critters who wandered into the ducts long ago.

An HVAC system inspection upon moving in should help you to learn about such debris, but these aren’t the only dangers that may be stuck in your ducts. You might have mold growing along the inside or contaminants like bacteria and viruses thriving in your ducts. Besides, dander, pollen, and other allergens could remain in your ducts until your blower fan pushes them back out into your living space, aggravating someone’s allergies or asthma symptoms.

Schedule Duct Cleaning with a Specialist

When it comes to cleaning out the ducts, the most important thing is that you trust the service to a professional. Professional duct cleaners use the safest methods to eliminate contaminants without pushing them out into your living space. They will open up your ductwork and install panels wherever necessary, and they may use video inspection equipment to check the quality of their work.

Call Alpha Air Corporation for duct cleaning services in Minneapolis, MN from professionals you can trust.

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