What’s That Smell Coming from the Ducts?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

You turn on the heating system in your home or commercial property, expecting to be greeted by a warm comforting flow of air. But all you can think about is the offputting odor coming from the vents! If it smells like gas, turn the system off immediately and call a professional. If not, read our guide to some other causes of common duct odors, and call a duct cleaning specialist in your area to find out more.

Mold or Mildew

One of the most common reasons for smells from the vents is mold or mildew that has developed inside of the ducts or on the air conditioning and heating system itself. The air conditioner coils collect moisture, which can allow mold or mildew to develop quickly near the HVAC system. An inspection can reveal how widespread the issue is, and a duct cleaning professional can remove the mold and tell you what steps to take to prevent mold from becoming a problem in the future.

Dirt and Dust

If you notice the smell when you first turn on the heating system at the beginning of the season, it could be something a lot less serious. This could just be the smell of dust that has gathered in the furnace during a period without any use. If this is the reason for the odor, it should go away after a matter of a few days. If not, there could be a build-up of dust and debris in the ducts that deserves the attention of a duct cleaning professional.

Dead Animals

We know it’s not pleasant to think about, but there is a possibility that a rodent is the source of a smell in your ducts. But don’t worry, your local duct cleaning professional can find this out for you.

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