The Hazards of Cleaning Up Mold on Your Own

Posted by Lisa Pixley

For many homeowners, the first response to any sort of mess in the home is to clean it up. If you notice mold on the walls, the ceiling, or the floor, you might be tempted to take out a mop or a brush, spray some cleaner on it, and start scrubbing the floor. But here at Alpha Air Corporation we would caution anyone against this practice. We’ve listed two major reasons you should avoid cleaning up the mess on your own and call an expert for mold remediation services instead.

It likely won’t fix the problem…and you may make it worse

The main reason to avoid cleaning up the mold yourself is that there is a good chance the issue can worsen. You might only spread mold spores around, giving them an opportunity to settle elsewhere around the house. And if there’s mold on the surface where you can see it, there may be mold underneath the surface as well.

Keep in mind that mold is very hazardous, causing severe allergic reactions and having the potential to make people sick. Avoid this possibility by scheduling service with a mold remediation expert at the very first sign of mold.

Cleaning up the mold doesn’t reach the source of the issue

Besides, cleaning up the mold you can see on the surface may not do much good if you want everyone in the home to stay healthy. Mold may continue to thrive in hidden areas of the home as well. And if it developed once, it can happen again. A mold remediation can help get to the bottom of what’s causing the mold to spread. Mold grows in areas with high moisture content, which means you might have a pipe leak, an air conditioner leak or a problem with humidity. It’s important to know about these issues in order to protect your home and prevent mold from developing again.

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