What Can Happen When Your Dryer Vent Clogs?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Most people probably don’t make too much of a connection between their home’s clothes dryer and their safety. The machine seems relatively safe and simple. As long as you remove the dryer lent and use it correctly, you should be okay, right?

There’s one part of the dryer that far too many homeowners neglect: the vents that lead to the outside. Find out why clogged dryer vents are actually a big deal below.

The dangers of a clogged dryer vent

The dryer vent is designed to send the byproducts of the heating process away from the home. The problem is that some of the lint and debris from your dryer can go along with these byproducts. The lint might cling to the inside of the vent. And the material can be highly combustible.

If the dryer lint were to catch fire, it could spread to the outside of the home. Thousands of fires start each year from the dryer vent. Having a technician clean out the dryer vent from time to time could save your home from property damage. It could even save your life.

Some other effects

Of course, the most disastrous potential result of a dryer fire would be a fire. But there are some other things that may happen when you neglect to clean out your dryer vent on a regular basis.

  • Your clothes may not dry completely.
  • The dryer runs less efficiently, costing you more money.
  • You might have to wait for longer for your clothes to dry.
  • You’ll wear out your dryer faster.
  • You might notice that your clothes get extremely hot.

If you do notice any of these issues, be sure to call in a professional for dryer cleaning ASAP, and make this a part of your regularly scheduled services.

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