3 Reasons to Sanitize Your Ducts

Posted by Lisa Pixley

The ductwork is just a path that leads from the AC and heater to the rest of the building, so you may not think very much about its importance to your comfort. Oftentimes, the ducts get neglected for a long time because you rarely think to have someone looks inside.

But over the years, your ducts may collect a lot of unwelcome intruders, harmful contaminants and allergens that continue to build as air from your home blows over them. And at some point, the air could potentially force such contaminants out into the air you breathe.

Air duct cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing can help to solve a lot of problems that develop when ducts are neglected for a long period of time. We want homeowners to have healthy homes, so here, we list 3 reasons we think you should hire professionals who specialize in sanitizing ducts.

  • Professionals use safe and effective methods. Quality duct cleaners use a sanitizing agent that doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind. It can eliminate residue and odors from cooking, smoking, and pets, and kill off any living organisms within your ducts.
  • Reduce microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses, and other tiny organisms within the ducts can make you cough and sneeze, and some can lead to prolonged illnesses. Get these organisms out of your ducts with duct sanitization.
  • Get rid of mold and mildew (and that odor). One of the most common reasons people call our duct cleaners is that there is a smell coming from the vents. Mold and mildew (a likely source of that smell) are serious problems in a home. They may be signs of water damage and mold is a common allergen, or it could make you sick.

Call your Minneapolis air duct experts to schedule duct cleaning and sanitizing today. Alpha Air Corporation is here for all of your duct cleaning needs!

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