Tools Used During Commercial Duct Cleaning

Posted by Lisa Pixley

The employees, clients, customers, and/or tenants in your commercial building deserve to breathe clean air every day. That’s why the air filter in the return register of your ducts works with your commercial HVAC system, trapping particles so that you do not have to breathe them in every day. However, this filter may not be enough to give you the level of protection you need, failing to filter out every pollutant so that some dangerous particles may continue to circulate around your business.

If you own a commercial heating and air conditioning system, it’s vital to keep it maintained, not only for the comfort of the people in your building but for their health. Bacteria or mold may thrive in the ductwork of some buildings, and as spores circulate through the air your employees breathe those in, which could aggravate respiratory issues—and lead them to call in sick. Scheduling air duct cleaning with a technician experienced with commercial duct cleaning is one of the best ways to improve the conditions within your building. Let’s take a look at some of the tools used for commercial duct cleaning in St. Cloud.

First, technicians use a robotic camera to inspect your ducts. This helps them to detect any problem areas, but it can also let them know whether any areas of the ducts need to be sealed due to leaks and cracks. Once they have a good idea of the conditions within the ducts, they use professional-grade vacuums which create negative pressure within the ducts, thus knocking loose any dust clinging to the insides of the main air plenums and sucking it up through the vacuum hose. They also use brushes to safely and gently scrub off any remaining dirt and debris. They’ll target the register vents as well as any exhaust vents your property uses.

At Alpha Air Corporation, we’ll finish the job with an EPA-certified non-toxic sanitizing agent that will help us make sure your ducts are sanitized and ready for use. There is no chemical residue left behind and it can kill some remaining bacteria and stop mold growth.

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