Can I Clean the Air Ducts on My Own?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Cleaning your air ducts requires a lot more than pulling out your vacuum and removing the dust from the registers. Your ductwork is a long, complex system that can reach to the deepest parts of your home, and dust and dirt can settle in these parts as easily as any other. Being able to remove the contaminants from your entire system takes knowledge and expertise, which is one of the reasons why it’s important to hire trained and certified professionals for residential duct cleaning in Duluth. If it’s time for you to clean your ducts, call a company you can count on to do it correctly and efficiently: Alpha Air Corporation.

Reasons to Call a Professional

  • Specialized tools – there are a number of specialized tools that a trained technician uses to clean your ducts. These can include truck-mounted vacuums, pneumatic tools, visual aid equipment, professional brushes and access tools. It is likely that you don’t have these kinds of tools, which can put you at a great disadvantage when trying to clean your ductwork yourself.
  • Training – certified technicians not only know what to look for, they know what to do. For instance, part of a professional duct cleaning involves the safe and clean removal of all contaminants. This ensures that your home won’t be re-contaminated when things like dust and dirt are removed from your ductwork. Are you able to guarantee that for yourself?
  • Efficiency – trained technicians clean ductwork every day. This means they not only have the knowledge, expertise and experience, they will also be efficient and expedient when they clean your ductwork.
  • Good results – when you hire a trained professional to clean your ductwork, you can be assured that your ductwork is truly being cleaned and that dust, dirt and any other contaminants are removed from your system.

Your ductwork is an integral part of your HVAC system. Having it professionally cleaned helps you and your system for the long-term.

If it’s been more than 3 years since your last cleaning appointment, schedule residential air duct cleaning today with Alpha Air Corporation today!

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