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How Much Do You Know about Air Filtration in Your Building?

Monday, July 18th, 2016 by Lisa Pixley

It’s tough to stay healthy in a world with French fries, pizza, and cable TV, but you try your hardest. Changing your environment can help to keep you healthier. Stocking more veggies in the fridge, for example, and buying the right kind of running shoes may encourage you to make healthy choices. (more…)

What’s the Big Deal with a Little Dust in the Ducts?

Monday, June 8th, 2015 by Lisa Pixley

As an experienced team of duct cleaning specialists in the Minneapolis area, we know that most people don’t think about the state of their ductwork the way that we do. We only have health and safety in mind when we encourage homeowners to hire professionals to clean their ducts, but many people don’t really see the big deal. If you keep a clean home, there shouldn’t be too much dust in your ducts, right? We’re here to clear the air a little bit so that you can seek the proper indoor air quality services in your area. (more…)

Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Every Bit As Important as Air Duct Cleaning

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 by Lisa Pixley
It’s mind boggling to think about just how dangerous many everyday, household items we use in our homes are.  But it is important to know which items we use that are dangerous and what we can do to reduce our risk and increase our safety while using them.  Every year, thousands of house fires are started due to a blocked clothes dryer vent.
These fires are estimates to cause around 5 deaths per year and over $35 million dollars of home damage. The statistics are pretty scary, and yet many people don’t even think to have their dryer vents inspected regularly for blockage in order to prevent a house fire.
If you have never had your dryer vent inspected, or haven’t had it done in a while, Alpha Air Corp can help!  We are happy to provide your Twin Cities area home, or business with all our services, from dryer vent inspection and cleaning to residential and commercial air duct cleaning and sanitizing.  Don’t let it wait another minute, call Alpha Air today or top quality vent and duct cleaning.