Is Sick Building Syndrome Coming from Your Air Ducts?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

If you are managing a work, or retail space, it’s important to watch out for the health of your employees.  After all, if they are sick, or feeling unwell, then who will be there to work?  There is a lot of information out there concerning the role indoor air pollution has on employee health and several current studies about “sick building syndrome.”

Many of these studies indicate that the presence of biological, chemical and industrial contaminants found in air ducts and HVAC systems could in fact, contribute to “sick building syndrome” and increase health risks for you and your employees.  Cleaning these contaminants from your air ducts could help to reduce these risks and will definitely improve the quality of indoor air in your work environment.

Alpha Air Corporation is proud to offer commercial air duct cleaning in the Minneapolis area.  If you are looking to ensure a better air quality for your employees, we can help.