Don’t Be Scammed While Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned!

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Bait and switch… We’ve all had it happen to us.  You sign up for a killer deal only to have the company add fee and after fee.   When the dust has settled, you wind up paying more for your “discounted service” than you would have paid by dealing with a reputable company. Alpha Air Corp wants you to know that we will never pull a “bait and switch” scam on you when you are looking for air duct cleaning.

If you are considering going with a company in the Minneapolis area advertising a whole package air cleaning for an unbelievable price, it probably is in fact, as unbelievable as it sounds.  Most of these “amazing” discounts only include a specific number of vents and/or returns and almost never include fees charged for access holes that need to be cut into your main duct work and then sealed airtight after.  For a thorough, quality cleaning of your vents, don’t settle for less, or be suckered into bait and switch by disreputable companies, call Alpha Air today for a honest, all inclusive quote.  Leave the bait and switch for fishing, and the duct cleaning to the pros!