Why a Little Bit of Buildup in the Dryer Vent is Actually a Big Deal

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Many homeowners are unaware of the very real risk of a dryer vent fire. The lint trap is not the only place where debris can build up. The vent that leads outdoors can also gather debris and create some dangerous circumstances.

Clogged dryer vents are responsible for approximately 15,000 fires each year. We want to help reduce this number by educating all homeowners about the dangers of a clogged dryer vent. Schedule dryer vent cleaning with a qualified technician when you notice any of the following issues with your dryer:

  • Clothes that take a particularly long time to dry.
  • A dryer that stops mid-cycle.
  • Dampness or a musty smell after the dryer cycle.
  • Clothes seem hotter than usual after they are dry.
  • Excessive lint buildup with regular laundry cycles.
  • Visible buildup around dryer vent openings.

These issues and others indicate that it is time to call for the expertise of a trained technician. We don’t recommend that you attempt to clean the dryer vent on your own. A professional has the proper tools for both inspection and removal, to see to it that the vent is completely clear. We encourage homeowners to make use of this service once a year.

There are some things you can do that may help to prevent dryer vent fires from occurring, however.

  • Clean the dryer lint trap regularly.
  • Use clothes hangers and racks to dry larger items that tend to take over 40 minutes in the dryer.
  • Dryer sheets may contribute to lint, so try to cut back on their use and consider fabric softeners instead.

If you want to take the right steps now to protect your home and family by preventing dryer vent fires, call the professional technicians at Alpha Air Corporation for dryer vent cleaning and duct cleaning services in the Minneapolis, MN area.