What We Find During an HVAC System Inspection Might Surprise You

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Commercial HVAC (heating and air conditioning) systems have a lot of parts to them. There’s the air conditioner and the heating unit—often much larger than the ones at your home. And then there’s the ductwork, leading to all of the various offices or portions of the building, with complex zoning regulations and thermostats that regulate each zone.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with this system, and it’s often easy to tell if an air conditioner or heater is struggling to work properly based on the temperature levels in the room. But, with such a large and complex duct system, it’s a lot harder to tell if there’s anything wrong with the ductwork.

Hidden issues with the duct system can be a health hazard, or they might cause trouble for the operation and efficiency of the heating and air conditioning systems. Check out some of the most common duct issues below.

  • Mold growth near the AC unit (due to condensation from the unit) or throughout the ductwork.
  • A major buildup of dust and debris, resulting in reduced airflow as well as potential health troubles.
  • Significant leakage from the air ducts that keep your system from running efficiently.
  • The occasional critter, alive or deceased, that made its way into your ductwork. Yikes!

We use robotic video cameras that move around in the ductwork so that we can view a live feed and see the problems within your ductwork up close. This is one of the best methods for detecting leaks, mold, dust, and unwanted items and critters in the ductwork. Make sure you choose ductwork specialists if you decide that your ducts need a professional inspection completed properly, thoroughly, and safely.

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