What Can I Expect to Find in My Ductwork?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

The ducts connected to your air conditioning (and your heater, if you use a furnace) are not only important for delivering comfort to your home; they are vital for maintaining your indoor air quality. If they stay clean, you should have few troubles with the quality of your air. But as the ducts gradually pick up contaminations—which they will—it will lead to pollutants infiltrating your home, not only threatening the air you breathe, but making your house dirtier. You should schedule regular air duct cleaning in Minneapolis, MN so you have the healthiest and cleanest house possible.

Alpha Air Corporation handles duct cleaning jobs both large and small, from major corporate buildings to your cozy home.

If you have contaminants in your ducts, we can get rid of them and give you pristine, safe ductwork again.

Pollutants you might find in your ducts

  • Dust and dirt: It’s almost impossible to avoid having dust settle inside ducts. It will enter through the vents, and without any other escape along the sealed ductwork, it starts to gather and build up. If the filter on your AC becomes clogged (you should change it once a month) the infestation of dirt will worsen. Almost all ducts benefit from a yearly cleaning just to eliminate dirt.
  • Mold and other microbacteria: When humid weather strikes in Minnesota, mold and other biological growths can turn into a problem inside hidden, dark places like ducts. Professionals use special sanitizers to safely remediate mold and prevent its return.
  • Other allergens: Pollen, dander, and animal hair are among the many other contaminants that can enter your ducts and cause allergic reactions in people inside the house. Sawdust from other construction projects are often trapped inside ducts as well.
  • Animals and animal byproducts: Small animals sometimes enter ducts and use them as nests and lairs. They can leave behind carcasses, leaves and sticks, and waste products. This can create terrible odors inside your home and lead to health problems. Because you have limited access to your ducts, it requires professionals to get rid of these pests and anything they may have left behind.

Duct cleaning specialists have you covered

Professionals like those at Alpha Air Corporation use numerous tools to give you the cleanest ducts possible: camera inspections, sanitizers, deodorizers, power vacuums, rotary brushes. These will clean your ducts without damaging them—and without leaving harmful chemicals behind. Our technicians are NADCA-certified to assure you of their skill and training. We promise 100% satisfaction with our residential air duct cleaning in Minneapolis.

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