What are the Stages of Duct Cleaning in the Twin Cities?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Make duct cleaning part of your regular spring cleaning routine. You can attack all the dust and dirt inside your home, and then turn over to professionals the job of attacking all the dust and dirt hidden within your home: inside the ventilation system. After a furnace duct cleaning in the Twin Cities, MN, you will not only have a cleaner home and a more efficient furnace, you will also have cleaner air that reduces allergy symptoms, respiratory problems, skin and eye irritation, and many conditions that will make you sluggish and tired.

We must stress the importance of having professionals handle duct cleaning: the job requires special equipment and knowledge that goes far beyond trying to use a broom and a rag. Duct cleaning technicians must access your entire ventilation network and remove pollutants that resist standard forms of cleaning. To show you the extent of the work involved, we’ll walk through the stages of a typical duct cleaning assignment.

Alpha Air Corporation has more than a decade of experience with quality ductwork cleaning. We use the latest technology to go beyond expectations.

Duct cleaning stages

  • System test: When duct cleaners first arrive at a home, they open the cabinet of the furnace and test the system to see if it operates normally. They then shut down the furnace.
  • Accessing the vents: The cleaners detach the blower unit from the furnace—the fan that sends air through the heat exchanger and then into the ducts—so they can have direct access to the ductwork.
  • Vacuuming: The technicians don’t use any ordinary vacuum for this job, but a high-power vacuum that changes the pressure throughout the ventilation system. The cleaners cut a hole into the main duct coming from the blower and seal one end of the vacuum onto it. The vacuum puts the system under “negative pressure” to agitate contaminants from the walls. Then its powerful suction collects the debris.
  • Rotary brushes: To provide deeper cleaning in other areas, the technicians use powered rotary brushes on long cables to reach inside vents and loosen any dirt and dust the power vacuum may have missed.
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing: Alpha Air Corporation can also supply a special safe sanitizing agent to ductwork that leaves behind no active chemical residue and has low toxicity. Along with cleaning, it also eliminates odors instead of covering them up.
  • Sealing and testing: Once all the cleaning is complete, the technicians seal the ducts and re-attach the blower motor to the furnace. They perform a final test to make sure there are no air leaks anywhere in the system.

Alpha Air Corporation can provide the furnace duct cleaning in the Twin Cities, MN that will make your ducts like new. We have experience that ranges from the simplest small house duct cleaning to full ventilation restoration from fire damage. Put our skills and tools to work for your home. Schedule a service appointment today.

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