Is It Time for a Commercial or Industrial Filter Change?

Posted by Lisa Pixley

When you own or manage a commercial property, keeping everyone in the building comfortable is a big part of your job. Of course, you don’t always have time to take care of every routine service that helps keep your employees feeling happy and relaxed. That’s why air professionals offer up their HVAC services for your regular maintenance needs, such as a regular air filter change-out. Changing out the air filter is important in making your air conditioner and heater run efficiently and effectively, and keeping those on your property happy and healthy.

What makes a filter change so important?

Changing industrial or commercial filters is not as simple as changing out a home HVAC filter. There may be more filters in a large commercial HVAC system and the process can be complicated. Here’s why you should entrust a professional for a regular filter change.

  • Greater Energy Efficiency – Professionals can make sure that you are on a filter change-out schedule that allows for the greatest level of efficiency from your HVAC system. A clogged filter can greatly interfere with your heating and cooling system, allowing for limited airflow so that it has to run for longer and consume more energy. In some cases, such as in large commercial kitchens, you may need a change-out every 4 to 8 weeks, and a professional can best determine this frequency.
  • Less Chance of Repair – Changing the filters regularly also greatly reduces the chances that you’ll need to schedule repairs any time in the near future. If your HVAC system is too clogged, the parts will struggle to run, which could result in major damages to the unit.
  • Better Performance – Perhaps the most important reason to schedule a filter change-out from time to time is that you want to keep everyone on your property comfortable and safe. Ensuring that you have clean filters present throughout your HVAC system is one way to do this.

Call the friendly filtration and clean air specialists at Alpha Air Corporation to schedule your next filter change-out in Minneapolis, MN.

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