How to Find a Company for Commercial and Industrial Mold Remediation

Posted by Lisa Pixley

In your line of work, you simply cannot afford to neglect the air quality inside of your building. For those who manage a commercial property, the quality of the air deserves attention—particularly if you or someone in your building suspects mold growth. Mold can keep employees, tenants, and clients feeling ill or aggravate pre-existing conditions that make staying in your industrial building difficult and unpleasant. When you suspect mold—either from the appearance of mold, damp spots around the building, a recent flood or leak, or even just a musty feeling in the air—it’s time to find a company for commercial and industrial mold remediation. But how do you locate the right company for the job?

A Thorough Inspection, Cleaning, and Elimination

One of the things you should look into when searching for a company for commercial mold remediation services is the process that technicians go through when deciding on the steps to take for mold remediation. Unfortunately, there are contractors out there who simply don’t take enough pride in their work. Some companies are looking to make a quick buck and, while they may do as promised to remove the mold, they won’t take the steps to make sure the source of the problem is eliminated as well.

Mold growth in your business will probably not go away after a simple cleaning. If there is mold in your building, it is because moist conditions—caused by poor ventilation, lack of dehumidification, a leak in the home, inadequate drainage from your HVAC system, or any number of issues—allow for mold to develop. A good contractor will promise to locate the source of the problem and help you find ways to keep it from affecting daily operation in the future.

Industry Experts

You should also make sure that you only trust the job to industry experts. Experts in the indoor air quality industry recognize the importance of air quality to the operation of your business, and know that the work they do is vital to your company’s well-being.

At Alpha Air Corporation, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. However, we hope you’ll never have to use it, as our NADCA and IAQA certified experts locate the source of your mold problem and address any issue thoroughly for the best in industrial mold remediation in Rochester, MN.

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