DIY Mold Removal: Why Professionals Are a Better Choice

Posted by Lisa Pixley

At the very first sign of mold in your walls, carpet, ducts or anywhere else in your home, it’s so important to contact a professional. Some types of mold may actually lead to illness, while others are more harmful to those who already have respiratory illnesses. In either case, a do-it-yourself approach is never recommended, and we explain why in this guide.

How a DIY Mold Remediation Job Can Go Wrong

Here are just some of the ways attempting to remove the mold on your own is often a bad choice.

  • Identifying the mold can be difficult – Over 1,000 types of mold and mildew are found in homes and there are over 100,000 types of mold out there. Identifying the type of mold in your home is a crucial step in removing it properly, and the average homeowner would not have the expertise to do so.
  • The mold may continue to spread – Mold develops when airborne spores make contact with moist surfaces. Using household cleaners and vacuums may only give the mold a chance to scatter and spread further.
  • You may not be able to take the right protective measures – A pair of rubber gloves just doesn’t cut it when dealing with this major safety risk. Professionals have the right safety equipment on hand to protect themselves and your home.

Call Mold Remediation Specialists Who Get to the Source

If you want quality mold removal services, always go with an expert who has experience in mold remediation. The right professional won’t just get rid of the area that the mold has spread to. A mold remediation expert should also look for the source of the mold and let you know what you should do to prevent the issue from happening in the future. For example, they may recommend repairing a leaky pipe, dehumidifying, or fixing a broken air conditioner with a condensate leak.

Alpha Air Corporation wants to help you get rid of the mold and the source of the mold in your home in Minneapolis, MN. Call our team today!

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