3 Tips for a Successful Air Duct Cleaning Appointment

Posted by Lisa Pixley

Caring for your air ducts means making sure they are as clean as possible. When air ducts are dirty, they can spread contamination throughout the home or building. And in addition, your air conditioning and heating systems work less efficiently with all of that extra dust and debris in the HVAC system.

Cleaning out your air ducts is an important service for homes and especially for large commercial buildings. But we know that scheduling service can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. Check out our tips to ensure successful duct cleaning service below.

Check References with the Better Business Bureau

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of cases of duct cleaning scams out there—scam artists who use your lack of experience with duct cleaning in order to trick you into thinking their service is legitimate.

Check with the BBB for an A+ rating if you want to make sure you have chosen a trustworthy company. You can also check online reviews, and never choose a door-to-door company to do the job.

Leave the Building

Be prepared to vacate the building during duct cleaning service. If you are cleaning the ducts in a home, find a safe temporary place for your family and your pets to stay. If you are cleaning a commercial building’s ducts, make sure there is a plan in place. Talk to your contractor to learn more.

Maintain Your AC and Heating Systems Over the Years

Air duct cleaning goes a lot faster and without trouble if you make sure to keep your air conditioner and heating equipment maintained over the years. This means calling in technicians every year to clean the burners and coils, tune up the unit, and inspect the equipment and the ducts. It also means changing the filter of your system each month.

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